Our Story

It all started with a dream. A whisper of a dream. A fantasy, really. 

It has long been a dream of mine to work on something I am passionate about while simultaneously nurturing and tending to my family. After years working in corporate finance, my husband Will, began to feel dissatisfied in the culture of corporate America and noticed a decline in his mental health. In the middle of a worldwide pandemic, amidst chaos and uncertainty, I found peace and grounding in growing flowers. Will eventually took on the task of improving our soil through organic and earth-friendly methods, and in this small way we began merging our hobbies and working together. We found that we loved working side by side and our strengths complement each other's weaknesses. And together we began dreaming of creating a place where we can share with others our love of growing flowers, connecting to nature and her beauty, and the joy it brings us. A place people can gather to learn about farming, cut flowers, and earth-friendly practices. A place people can gather to just enjoy nature, pick flowers and fruits, or even host events. A place where our children can grow and play and work alongside us. 

Flourish House is the embodiment of the first big step into the unknown and making our dream a reality. We are a small family- run cut flower growing operation, set right in the backyard of our little suburban home. We use sustainable practices to grow lush, local, seasonal cut flowers, bringing the joy of flowers to our community. We would love to have you join us on our journey!


I have always been drawn to flowers, whether that is in textiles, art, photography, or physical flowers themselves, but the notion to actually grow them myself didn’t come until a few years ago when I purchased a few bunches of flowers from Trader Joe’s. They brought me such joy and delight in the midst of a tumultuous time that I began wondering how I could fill my life with flowers. I purchased a few packets of seeds, and they have transformed my life and the way I see my future unfolding. Spending time working outside, putting my hands in the dirt, and seeing tangible fruits of my labors has felt incredibly fulfilling. I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed at the sheer wonder of seeing a tiny seed grow into an exquisite flower in bloom. I hope to share this wonder and excitement with you, and bring a little more joy into your life.


In many ways Will is the “yin” to my “yang.” He makes up for what I lack in planning, research, accounting, human relations, and behind the scenes operations. He has also taken on the essential task of soil improvement through composting and vermicomposting. Will loves to spend time outside, whether that's through gardening, taking hikes with our family, or simply enjoying the benefits of nature for his mental health.